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LoL artifacts | How to choose boots in League

How to find the proper Boots in the League of Legends

There are a lot of various boots in League of Legends, but it is pointless to stack all of them. But you need one, to increase your movement speed and gain additional stats. But which one your champion needs? It fully depends on the champion and opponents. Usually, you will have four or five various options, so you need to know in what exact moment you need each of them.

The boots are not so great artifact at first glance, but if you’ll go deeper into the League in-game mechanics you will understand how important they are. They will give you a crucial movement speed that will help you to avoid ganks or to chase some low-hp enemy but movement speed is not all they could suggest to you. From additional armor and magic armor to the extra damage and attack speed. By the way, if you are playing as Cassiopeia this guide may be worthless for you:) After all, she does not have legs ūüėÄ And her passive must be considered too, of course.

So, let’s start and choose the one pair of boots that will be perfect for each situation.

Attack Speed Madness¬†– Berserker’s Greaves

The ADC (AD Carry) meta is coming back to the League of Legends, and that is why the importance of the auto-attacks is coming back. And if you are playing as an ADC or someone who uses auto-attacks to deal damage (like Draven, Kog’Maw or Lucian and etc.). It is obvious that additional attack speed for such heroes is the greatest stat that you want to stack, it will give you a huge advantage in damage dealing in all stages of the game.

Berserker's Greaves League of Legends

But the attack speed is not the most important stat that will help you in dominating the whole map. The movement speed is an extremely important stat that will give you an ability to freely roam around the map. There are only two alternatives that give the same amount of movement speed – Mercury’s Treads and Ninja Tabi’s.

But do not chase for the Berserker’s Greaves in 100% situations when you are playing as ADC. Look at the enemy’s team composition. Do they have a lot of AP champions with great burst damage? Then you would like to have Mercury’s Treads in your arsenal to increase your defense against those champions.

Gotta Go Fast! – Boots of Mobility

While the main bonus does not look so great, only 25 additional MS, the second bonus is gorgeous for roamers of any kind. While you are out of combat you gain 115 additional movement speed! This will give you an ability to roam to the other lane in a blink of an eye.

Boots of Mobility League of Legends

Boots of Mobility will be the greatest choice for all roaming supports who could bring chaos and take advantage of the ganks. Not only ganking supports prefer these boots, but utility ones also love it.

Slowness is not for me – Boots of Swiftness

These boots are extremely unpopular and here I’ll describe to you why. The movement speed buff is may look great – 55 additional MS bonus, but the other stats are pure trash. They decrease the duration of movement slowing effect by 25%. And this is an almost completely useless thing. It affecting only slowing effects, like Olaf Q ability and etc. Here¬†you could see all the abilities that apply movement slow.

Boots of Swiftness League of Legends

Boots of Swiftness are extremely useless¬†due to the extremely weak passive effect, you will want to buy another, much stronger boots, like Mercury’s Treads or Ninja Tabi’s.

CDS is life – Ionian Boots of Lucidity

If you are playing on the champion who fully rely on his abilities for killing or surviving, then Ionian Boots of Lucidity is the only choice for you. These boots give you a great additional movement speed and they decrease the cooldown of all your spells (yup, and CD of summoner spells) by 10% and by 15% if you took Cosmic Insight.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity League of Legends

Long story short – these are the greatest boots ever made for AP spamming champions, like Lulu, Karma, Vladimir, and others.

The best choice on the market – Mercury’s Treads

Mercury’s treads (later merc treads) are the boots that are the most popular in the current meta of AP champions. They are the perfect choice for almost every champion and that is why many boosters (according to the elo-boosters.com) are taking these boots as a default choice. They are giving you 45 movement speed and 25 magic resist. And the MR (magic resist) is the core thing that makes these boots so attractive and go-to item almost in every match.

Mercury's Treads League of Legends

This is the highest priority item if you standing against an AP champion who harassing you continuously, or opponents have a lot of burst magic damage. In most cases, 2 and more AP champions (like AP mid laner and AP support/carry) will be enough to buy merc boots.

But the MR is not the only thing that highlighting these boots from the other. The additional passive effect – Tenacity, which reduces the time of CC effects by 30% is priceless. So if you feeling a struggle in surviving in team fight due to the lots of crowd control abilities, then the Mercury’s Treads will be your savior.

The best protection from the ADC – Ninja Tabi

As you know, Riot Games trying to bring back the AD Carry meta into the League of Legends. In the previous patch – 9.11 many of them were buffed so maybe it is a time to think about some counter item? And that is where Ninja Tabi’s will help you and save you more than once. Ninja Tabi’s providing +20 armor, + 45 movement speed and block 12% of the damage that caused by the enemy’s auto-attacks. This will be a great addition to your survivability both¬†during¬†the laning stage and the mid/late stages of the game.

Ninja Tabi's League of Legends

12% of damage reduction may be looking not so great, but they are working so fine, that you will buy them all the time, especially if you see 2 AD champions in the enemy team. Extremely valuable item during this, Marksmen LoL meta, so right now these boots are in the “must buy” category.

Who the lovers of Magic Penetration – Sorcerer’s Shoes

AP mid laners is the most common thing in the League of Legends. And all AP champions are praising these Sorcerer’s Shoes for the magic penetration they provide. +18 Magic Penetration is an extremely useful stat that will give you an ability to break through enemy’s magic resist and deal a ton of damage.

Sorcerer's shoes League of Legends

If you are playing as an AP champion but do not have enough Magic Penetration, then soon you might notice that you do not have enough damage to break through enemy’s defensive stats.

LoL Team Liquid vs Cloud9

Team Liquid beat Cloud9 at LCS

After shooting down the slumping TSM team last week, Cloud9’s shot at dethroning Team Liquid since the LCS’ greatest team had eventually come. But after both group’s bout before now, it became evident that Liquid weren’t prepared to give up their peak.

Despite being in the peak of the league and one triumph on Cloud9¬†from the head-to-head matchup, Liquid AD take Yiliang”Doublelift” Peng came into the match stressed. “I had been really nervous coming to the game because [Cloud9’s] a very strong group, and they generally have us at scrims,” Doublelift stated from the post-game interview. “They had a few intriguing strats. Xayah and Rakan is a really very hard matchup for Galio service because the kill possible they have is very mad.”

Cloud9 vs Liquid

Cloud9’s intriguing strategy appeared to counter Liquid’s strongest lane by deploying possibly the very oppressive bot lane in Xayah and Rakan–but the strategy did not really get the job done. Doublelift and encourage Jo”CoreJJ” Yong-in just bided their time as Kai’Sa and Galio, as did the remainder of Liquid, who’d fallen a little behind in the first game.

And shortly, Liquid discovered their chance from the mid-game in the kind of teamfights. While conflicts rarely finished with one facet acing another, Liquid always came out ahead in kills, which interpreted to goals.

Not even sneaking the Baron was sufficient for Cloud9 to create their comeback, even with Liquid replying back together with the Elder Dragon plus a few kills in recurrence.

On a five-game win streak, Liquid’s only loss of this split is to third-place TSM. “That reduction was a massive wake up call, so it was actually amazing,” Doublelift said reflecting on Liquid’s reduction to his former group. “We were really mad, and we despised losing to TSM, and that may be an excellent thing.”
Team Liquid is going to need to wait till March 24 to their shot at revenge against TSM.

league of Legends victory

League of Legends | SoloQ best champions | Solo Boosting

Elo Solo Boosting

League of Legends

All who ever played in League of Legends in low divisions and elo know this feeling, when you playing, doing your best, but still, some one in your team will appear to ruin a game. Firstly, understand that the reason of all your loses not an unskilled team mate that whining all game long, but you. Yes, it is your fault that you stuck at low Elo and nobody’s else. In this article, I will share some tips that can dramatically increase your skill and the best champions that can carry the game almost by themselves.

Solo Boosting – Tips

lol solo challenger

League of Legends consists of a million little things that you need to focus on, but here I will highlight only those of them, that are critical:

  1. Creep Slain.
  2. Health Control.
  3. LoL Meta.
  4. Learn how to snowball.
  5. Map Objectives.

Creep Slain

Creep slain in League of Legends is the most important indicator that shows how many minions were slain by your champion. Learn attack animation, damage of your fav champion to know when to attack to slain minions. The more minions you kill – the more gold you obtain – the more items you could buy. Do not even start a game if you do not how to CS correctly, especially if you decided to play as ADc.

Health Control

Always look at your health bar. Knowing how much damage you can freely soak is another important thing in League of Legends. It will be extremely useful in many situations, for example, you have half hp, and you see a fleeing enemy. If you perfectly know that you can attack him, and get away alive, then you will gain a huge advantage. But if you not accurate in your calculations, then in one situation, you will be dead right after you perform a killing strike, and in the worst situation – this fleeing enemy will just kill you.


LoL Meta

Meta is continuously evolving and champions always fighting for the Throne of the best Support, Jungler, ADc, Mid lane, Top Lane. Meta is created by the professional League of Legends players. They always trying to learn new strategies to surprise an enemy and this greatly affects normal and ranked games. Common peoples always follow their idols and League of Legends is not an exception.

Long story short – know all popular champions and all ways to counter them.


Snowballing is a continuously increasing once gained advantage. Many new players after winning a team fight just go somewhere and farm. This is terribly wrong because it is the perfect time to do a map objective, or simply to push the lane. Win one team fight and do everything that possible to save this advantage.

Map objectives

target priority lol

Always target map objectives because they grant a great advantage to a whole your team. Know the right priorities, and strictly follow them.

Solo Boosting – Best Champions

League of Legends is a quite unbalanced game, and some champions are much easier to master than the others. And in many cases, these simple champions are much stronger. Some of these simple and strong champions will be highlighted here.


LoL caitlyn champion

Caitlyn is ranged ADc champion that extremely strong in the late game. She requires some skill, especially in last-hitting (CS) but after a few matches, you will be totally Ok with her. Caitlyn is the most consisted ADC among the others. Her attack animation is amazing, and the projectile speed is fast as hell. She has great instruments to push lane. Just remember that Caitlyn’s range is the longest in the game, and you just need to use this advantage to outfarm the enemy ADC and use your skills to farm and harass as effectively as you can. Caitlyn is the best champion on low Elo because she is perfect on all lanes here. Most of the opponents just do not know how to farm, how to harass and just do not know how to play in LoL. But this does not mean that Caitlyn is the best ADC in League of Legends, so if you really want to solo boost your Elo you need to master all other ADc champions.

ATTENTION! Do not pick ADc if you are mechanically just awful.


LoL maokai champion

The main problem of low Elo games is that everyone, literally everyone goes full glass-cannon. Do not be like them, if you see this situation in the game, then just pick a good tanky support. And the best tank-support is Maokai. This corrupted treant can carry many games where others just lose their hope. Maokai has a great starting HP and defense that will save your life more than one. Also, he has a great instrumental kit – His roots greatly deals with the many popular “Bronze” champions and could be a good support as well.

Maokai is a great pick to balance your average low elo team composition. His main sources of damage are AP, and most bronze players do not play as AP champions, so you can kill three birds with one pick.

Master Yi

LoL master yi champion

Everyone loves Master Yi, especially low skilled bronze players. He is the most point-and-click champion ever created in League of Legends. Just press his 4 buttons one by one, and when you come to the melee zone then just press the last button to kill an enemy. Master Yi is one of the simplest champions in LoL and even your five-years-old brother can easily carry games with him. Yeah, you can say that he easy countered by roots and stuns. But seriously, how often in low elo games you can see that champions with stuns and roots use it on the right targets? These players just do not care about CC abilities because they do not deal any damage! BUT if the enemy has a champion with CC abilities, then just avoid him, and kill other four. Master Yi is the easiest and fastest way from the Bronze league. But climbing you will see how his usability quickly falling down as people start using CC abilities.


LoL ryzen champion

Ryze is an easy to master champion with a powerful burst damage. He is another point-and-click champion, just like  Annie, Master Yi, and Warwick. But there is one thing that is greatly important while you playing as Ryze. You need to learn how to CS correctly and efficiently in the first ten minutes of the game. Last hitting is a one and only complicated thing in this champion because he has a strange attack animation and pretty slow projectile speed. And after you built your first items you transformed into a walking tower, that destroying with his powerful spells everyone, who dares to come near him. In addition to it, he has an overpowered ultimate that can easily destroy a whole enemy team. And even in more addition, his rune prison offers a great crowd control, which can be used to deactivate the most dangerous champions.

Even if you do not like Burst-champion, you can always respec him into a nice tank. As I mentioned before nobody in bronze love to play tanks, so you can use him to balance your team composition.

The endspiel

As you can see there are many ways to easily leave low elo divisions just by yourself. Just learn the game right, and master at least 4 champions of various roles, to balance your team. Remember that if you can not play right, even lol boosting can not help you. After boosting you will definitively reach the desired rank, but you simply can not stay there for long. So always enhance your gameplay and spend your free time, learning new tips and tricks in League of Legends.