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HotS Fate Could be Unfortunate

The Fate of Heroes of the Storm Could determine Activision’s

Activisions Difficult choice

Activision Blizzard

Four months have passed since the contender for Activision for the MOBA market, Heroes of the Storm was released.  And in June, we talked to: “Can Blizzard’s Storm handle the MOBA market which is highly saturated?”  More accurate, as this exclusive and rapidly growing market begun to indicate some signs of saturation, we wondered as to whether Heroes was going to survive on the market or not, as the Activision team said that during E3, will be able to bring new players into the market?

Indeed, Heroes has become a crucial element for Activision, but not in the really to increased is amount of subscriber from the World of Warcraft franchise. At the moment, the major publishers are working hard to explore new channels of revenue as well as distribution models, having an active functioning digital topic is very imperative to keep not only the confidence of audiences but also financial analysts. After Hearthstone registered a massive success, some analyst in Wall are positive that Heroes will grow to that stature, hoping to earn revenues of around $200 million by an end of next year.

Here’s what the information tells us.


Since we last talked about MOBAs, there are many things that have changed. Firstly, the general market has increased by a small percentage since April, giving more evidence of our earlier claims that the market us at a plateau level. Following some years of incredible expansion, its audience has settled, compelling publishers to compete more and more over the share that is on the market. Also, each of the major bigwigs has managed to surpass the market growth rate. From April to August 2016, the monthly active user base off League of Legends by 8 percent, SMITE by 14 percent and Dota 2 by 11 percent.

Being at the saturation level, the MOBA market is beginning to consolidate. In mid-2014, the major 4 MOBA games accounted for about 59 percent of the universal market. Today that share is 67. Perhaps noticing the indications, Electronic Arts had canceled development of its MOBA Dawngate, and in January of 2016, Turbine/Warner Bros. closed Infinite Crisis. At the moment, the major titles are gradually draining the life out of the petite titles trying to survive in the market.

Activision HotS fate

In spite of an increase in problems with entry, Activision clearly indicated its confidence by releasing Heroes. Also, it was likely psych that came from having at least at least 9 million registered users for the beta version in February that escalated such a decision. As our ability to record traffic numbers is still at infant stages, it appears as if the current count has doubled, having achieved a whopping 22 million registered players in a short period. The 800-pound of Activation marketing machine has so far has carried Heroes forward. In fact, regarding active users per month, it has already left two of the major titles in the MOBA market, that is Heroes as well as SMITE. However, this was to be anticipated.

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