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This article provides tips on improving skills of Digging. He is one of the Star Craft II characters, that possessing the ability to quickly move around the map. Other examples of heroes with about the same capacity can be called Falstad, Brightwing and Abathur.

Experience Soak

The ability to gather experience from the free line is one of the main advantages of the characters with a global presence. This advice does not apply only to Dehaka. Experience is very important in HotS, especially when you go out on a high level of play. Each pack creeps can be decisive, if you soak experience from it, and enemies do not. It is important to remember this, because if you are overtaking enemies by 1 level, then it could turn into an advantage in talent, and it allows you to completely control the game.

The best way to use a global presence on the map for the sake of collecting experience will be a simple delay before sending it to the map point. The farther away the object from the line at which you stand, the greater the benefits will derive. When you stay on the lane you are forcing the enemy to choose between staying with you and collect the same amount of EXP, or go away and give you opportunity to go ahead on the level. It is in any case a losing situation for your opponents.

Dehaka and Kerrigan

If the enemy decides to just leave the line and go to the site, you will collect a minimum of one free pack of creeps. This already gives a slight advantage to your team. Also it will help your creeps and they can do a little more siege damage. If the enemy decides to stay and collect the Exp, then you can use the digging for the rapid withdrawal from the line and fight for the object. This will allow your team to battle to the numerical advantage, make a couple Kills and pick up the object.


With such a strong ability to dig at any point on the map, some may think that they should use it on cd. Especially given the fact that Dehaka very slow. When you run on line, sometimes it seems that you are watching the game in spectator mode. But believe me, digging should be reserved.

Dehaka HotS

Going on line without digging will allow you to save your allies from the first minute of the match. If you use your (Z) on the cd it will be difficult to use it on right situations. If your team does not need you right now, then save your (Z) and continue to collect the Exp.

Another important point that should know is that the digging can not be undone. Once you have chosen a place where to “teleport” your character is no longer obey your commands and starts digging.

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