Dehaka and Kerrigan

Dehaka: Clever hunter

How to gang, and how to avoid them

Dehaka Smart Hunter

Dehaka – unique tank that has teleport as his base ability. What makes Dehakas ability even more unique thats it is can teleport only in the bushes. This element makes it more powerful on maps with shrubs in strategic locations. Unfortunately, every ability have a negative elements. He does not have usual mount, and if he wants to go anywhere without digging, then he would have to go all the way on foot.

Without further ranting let’s get straight to the point!

Smart Hunter

Dehaka is the best ganker of all heroes with the global teleport. Gank – is the transition from his line at the other, the one where there is an enemy hero, which will be easy to kill. The actual gameplay of this zerg will push you to make a gank.

Firstly, he has a great stun. The one who you catch with your tongue and pull to your team mates will be definitely dead, especially if your allies are aware of the impending attack.

Second, the “bush” Mechanics (Z) of Dehaka just made for ganks. Due to the fact that you can only move in the bushes, you will be initially invisible to the opponents. This ability can be used to engage in unusual positions, such strategy helps to catch the enemy off guard. In addition, it will be much harder to hide behind the creeps, which will increase the percentage of accuracy of your tongue.


Dehaka is incredibly strong against Abathur and Lost Vikings. When all team mates fight for the map objective, Abathur usually soak exp with his unarmored body. He just sit in the bushes near creeps. And right here Dehaka can easily kill him, if he can hit him with his tongue. Same story with Lost Vikings, but unfortunately Dehaka can kill only one of them.



Some people may look at Dehaka and think that he, with his standart movement speed, just can not escape from anyone. Let me say that this is a BIG mistake.


Digging may be used as escape in any situation.

Just imagine: You stay in the middle of a fight, when you realize that it turnes not on your side. Your support is dead, mages already retreated and you stand all alone against whole enemy team. In this moment you must as fast as possible use your digging ability to run at the opposite point on the map. Any bushes will be ok. You may even dig right to the enemy base, and then leave with teleport (b). These tactic will be useful almost in every fight. But firstly, be sure that enemies set cd on all theirs stuns.

In all other cases try to dig  into some profitable places. Line where you can soak exp, or map objective. Just ask yourself: Where i will be useful right now?