Auriel – Archangel of Hope | Review

Welcome to my another review. This time it is Auriel.


It is through the archangel Auriel that the power of hope flows into the fabric of creation. Her eternal light illuminates even the darkest souls. Seeking harmony in all things, she is a mediator, a counselor, and when the need arises, a fearless warrior.

Auriels Class



Support heroes bring powerful healing and buffs to the field, as well as some degree of control and enemy disruption through roots and stuns. Support heroes should always be in the thick of team efforts in order to help turn the tide of battle in their team’s favor.

  • Damage 3/10
  • Utility 8/10
  • Survability 4/10
  • Complexity 8/10

Let’s get a closer look at her abilities

1st ability is:

Auriel Sacred Sweep


Sacred Sweep: Cooldown 8 sec. Damage 80 and additional 160 to enemies in the center. 

Attacking ability that stack Bestow Hope. Always try to hit enemies with your central attack.

2nd ability:

Auriel Ray of heaven


Ray of Heaven: Cooldown 4 sec. Healing depends on your energy.

Heal all allies in short radius. This Heal consumes all your stored energy

3rd ability:

Auriel detainment strike

Detainment Strike: Cooldown 14 sec. Damage 100 damage, and additional 100 damage if they collide with terrain

Knockback an enemy to leave the battlefield.

Special ability:

Auriel Bestlow hope logoAuriel Bestlow hope

Auriel do not have mana. With this ability, she store energy to use her healing spells.



Heroic abilities:

Auriel Crystal aegis

Crystal Aegis: Cooldown 60 sec. Damage 270.

Best spell that save your ally and deal good damage to nearby enemies.

Auriel resurrect

Resurrect: Cooldown 90 sec. Resurrect hero with 50% of their Health.

It is channeled spell that makes it difficult to use.


Lvl 1:

  • Swift Sweep. Increases Sacred Sweep cast speed.
  • Increasing Clarity. Increases center damage by hitting heroes.
  • Righteous Assault. Hitting Heroes in the center reduces Sacred Sweep cooldown.
  • Searing Light. Ray of Heaven also damages enemies in the area.

Lvl 4:

  • Majestic Span. Increases Sacred Sweep radius.
  • Heavy Burden. Detainment Strike slows enemies after stun.
  • Repeated Offense. Increases damage when Heroes are stunned.

Lvl 7:

  • Bursting Light.Reduces the cooldown of Ray of Heaven.
  • Glimmer of Hope. Regen globes reduce Ray of Heaven energy cast.
  • Energized Card. Doubles stored from Basic Attacks.
  • Empathic Link. Allied damage taken grants energy.

Lvl 10:

  • Resurrect. Bring an allied Hero back to life.
  • Crystal Aegis. Put an allied Hero into a Stasis crystal that explodes.

Lvl 13

  • Blinding Flash. Sacred Sweep blind enemies in the center.
  • Converging Force. Sacred Sweep pushes enemies towards the center.
  • Piercing Lash. Detainment Strike hits all enemies in a line.
  • Repelling Strike. Detainment Strike knocks enemies away farther.

Lvl 16:

  • Reservoir of Hope. Increases maximum Ray of Heaven energy.
  • Will of Heaven. Bestow Hope ally gains Attack Speed.
  • Wrath of Heaven. Bestow Hope ally gains Ability Power.

Lvl 20:

  • Light Speed. Ressurected ally is fully healed and moves faster.
  • Diamond Resolve. Crystal Aegis grants allies a shield.
  • Angelic Flight. Allows Auriel to fly to a chosen location.
  • Shield of Hope. Shield nearby allies based on their messing health.

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