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Advanced strategies of Teamfight Tactics

TFT: Money and Experience control tips

The whole strategy is pretty simple in every AutoBattler game, but in Teamfight Tactics, you may find some other tips and interesting strategies that will highlight you from the other players. Once you master these strategies you will quickly climb the TFT ranked ladder. Find more advanced strategies by ordering a boost at

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The gold income is pretty simple:

  • 5 coins per round;
  • +1 gold for every 10 coins you already have, up to the +5 per round;
  • Win and Lose streaks (+1 for 2 in a row, +2 for 5 in a row, and +3 for 8 in a row);
  • And Pirate bonus that leaves a chest with the 0-4 coins after every PvP round.

The most important thing is the Interest (+1 gold for every 10 coins in the bank). For an additional 5 coins per round, you need to keep 50 gold in the bank, and maintaining it – the core of every Auto Battler.

Little Legend’s level shows how many units you can have on board. Every level gives 2 experience point to the Little Legend and you could buy an additional 4 points for 4 gold. Level control is extremely important due to the factor that the chance of receiving high-tier champion will increase with the level. Even have 1 additional unit on the board could give you a huge advantage over an enemy, so keep your eyes on it.

TFT: Advanced strategies in the early game

At this moment I know about two strategies that will get you to the top: Reroll and Saving. Let’s consider them all:

Start of the game in both strategies is pretty much the same – all depends on your luck. Just follow these simple advice during the Drafting Round:

  1. Chase the Tier-2 champions;
  2. Pick champions with the: B.F. Sword, Spatula, Needlessly Large Rod, Recurve Bow;

First PvP rounds are not quite important. If you will slay enemies you will have additional gold, while if you are losing you will have better chances to earn something good at the second Drafting round. And this is where the strategies are dividing.

Reroll strategy in TFT

In this strategy, you will spend everything on getting an early 3-star unit. Just follow the next simple recommendations.

Do not spend anything on additional experience, and go into the hard re-rolls on level four. You need to have 4-5 (one 2-star unit and one-two more one-star units) same units to find success, otherwise, you need to choose the Saving strategy.

Reroll champion pool until you will get a three-star unit. They are incredibly strong in the early game. They have enormous health pool, but the main reason to chase for the three-star on low levels – the game is used a shared pool of champions, that means the longer the game, the lower your chances to find the chosen one champion.

From time to time this strategy will work, but this is an extremely risky way. If you will not be lucky enough you will spend a lot of gold and still do not receive the right champions. That is why you need the Second champion, who could be upgraded up to level 3.

TFT 3-star unit

Best champions to upgrade to the 3-star:

  1. Vayne;
  2. Graves;
  3. Nidalee;
  4. Kassadin.

Just never-ever chase for the Fiora or Mordekaiser, they are awful and even 3-star unit will not carry you through the mid-game.

Saving strategy in the TFT

This strategy is building around Interest. All you need to do is to keep it up and get to the 50 gold in the bank as soon as possible. After you will have enough gold you need to focus on leveling up because later you will need a lot of tier-4 champions. First time when you will have to buy experience is when you have 4 experience far from level 5. Second time – the same

TFT interest

Focus on getting Draven, but any other epic champion will be nice. In the early game you will be losing, so your only one goal – to decrease the receiving damage as much as you can. Do not build a strong army, because Losing streak will help you in getting 50 interest, but your army must be strong enough to slay 2-3 units during PvP rounds, otherwise, you will lose too much HP.