Gul'dan review

Gul’dan – Darkness Incarnate | Review

Hello and welcome to my review of the Gul’dan!

Gul'dan review

Gul’dan was born on Draenor, homeland of the Orcs, and was once a member of the mysterious Shadowmoon. Gul’dan was obsessed by lust for power, and concluded a secret alliance with the demons of the Burning Legion – a destructive force that had come from other worlds. Warlock drank demon blood and forever changed the destiny of his people. Containing blood demonic energy Gul’dan disfigured, she turned him into a monster.

Gul’dans Class


Gul'dan Class

Assassins deal bursts of high damage, specializing in either single-target or multi-target abilities, but lack resilience. They thrive on the battlefield through hit-and-run tactics, carefully timed attacks, and by capitalizing on the perfect moment to engage or flee.

  • Damage 8/10
  • Utility 3/10
  • Survability 5/10
  • Complexity 6/10

Recently, Gul’dan was released and now we will look at his basic abilities.

1st ability is:

Guldan Fel Falme

Fel Flame: Manacost: 75 . Cooldown 1.5 sec. Damage 200. 

It’s spam ability that flyes towards on short distance. We will use it as often as possible.

2nd ability:

Guldan Drain life

Drain Life: Manacost 0. Cooldown 10 sec. Damage 132. Healing 172.

Awesome ability that save your life more than once. This ability has 1 giant minus while you cast Drain Life you are immobilized.

3rd ability:

Guldan Corruption

Corruption: Manacost 90. Cooldown 16 sec. Damage 204 over 6 sec, effect stacks 3 times

Super dot if u can if you can get enemy wuth it at least 2 times

Special ability:

Gul'dan guideGul'dan guide2

 Canonical warlock spell, consumes your Hp and transfers it into Mana



Heroic abilitys:


Guldan Horrify

Horrify: Manacost 90. Cooldown 80 sec. Damage 120, and cast Fear on enemies.

Very useful Crowd Control ability, Best for good team.

Guldan Rain of destruction

Horrify: Manacost 90. Cooldown 100 sec. Damage 165 per meteorite, Duration 7 sec.

Not the best choice, but it’s kinda funny.



Lvl 1:

  • Pursuit of Flame. When you hit 40 players with this ability your Fel Flame’s radius will be increased by 10%
  • Glyph of Drain Life. Increases the cast by 25%
  • Echoed corruption. When you hit 30 players with this ability your Corruption will strike at opposite direction after 3rd strike.
  • Chaotic energy. After gathering 20 regen globes your basic ability mana costs are permanently reduced by 20.

Lvl 4:

  • Health Funnel. Killing enemies with Drain life reduced its cooldown.
  • Improved life tap. Life tap restores more mana
  • Consume Soul. Instantly kill an enemy minion to heal.

Lvl 7:

  • Bound by Shadow. Fel flame hits reduce cooldown of corruption.
  • Devour the Frail. Drain Life deals more damage to weakened enemies.
  • Curse of Exhaustion. Corruption slows enemyMovement speed.
  • Hunger for power. Gain ability power but reduce healing received.

Lvl 10:

  • Horrify. Deals damage and fear Heroes.
  • Rain of Destruction. Summon a rain of meteors in an area

Lvl 13

  • Fel Armor. Fel Flame grants Spell Shield.
  • Harvest life. Increases healing from Drain Life.
  • Dark Bargain. Increases death respawn timer and health.
  • Healstone. Activate to heal.

Lvl 16:

  • Rampant Hellfire. Increases Fel Flame’s damage.
  • Ruinous affliction. Corruption deal bonus damage.
  • Darkness within. Gain ability power after using life tap.

Lvl 20:

  • Haunt. Increases duration and makes enemies vulnerable
  • Deep Impact. Rain of Destruction slows enemy Movement speed.
  • Demonic Circle. Summons a demonic circlethat you can teleport to.

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